A Pipe of Tobacco


Who knew Smoking cigarettes could be conversation starter. Certainly people like me the ‘Non-Smokers’.

While siting outside on Leicester square the hub of london nightlife one sees different aspects of life of people there on that street.

Majority of the restaurants are almost full with locals, tourists and couples. The under 30s crowd goto nightclubs with local girls in their of night dress oblivious of Zero degree waiting outside in queue on the chilly night.

Guys in groups of all ages go to gentlemen’s club while many of the new unsure tourists and students are  preyed by brokers who can get you into any big club for a very big price and small club which are not good at all for a small price but they do get you in but totally worthless and they guy gets a hefty commission for bringing in the crowd to the struggling clubs.

One noticeable fact about the people of London they like to indulge their sweet tooth which could be seen long lines on Haagen-dazs and many of the exclusive Waffles sellers.

Amidst this crowd are people who are dancing and singing to earn a living attracting  large crowd and small. Some even keep performing even if no one notices them or they fail to attract a large crowd so that they could have just enough to get by. While there are women selling roses specifically to couples with loads of them around which helps them make a living by taking away their intimate moments with their loved ones .

I, in the middle of this crowded street smoking unexpectedly approached by a girl who asks me for a light and i gladly offer her one afterall i have a carton where i stay and i won’t be able to finish them all by myself and lighted up her cigarette she makes some small talk and runs off.

Then i got asked again for a light by a girl on London Bridge which wasn’t so crowded as it was almost midnight and tubes were about to close who was with friend of hers and we make a small talk where you from, what are the plans for later to my disappointment she said she was meeting her boyfriend. Are people interested me or am i an easy target to get a free light hmm maybe the latter one seems to be the right answer but i’ll never know maybe conversations like these end just the way a cigarette does.


London First day


I woke up taking my time as i was not so keen on this trip and i had doubts about this journey.

I was clearly not ready for it.

i had done all my preparations and i don’t think there was anything i could do at the last moment.

Nothing came to my mind i was in a sort of numb state of mind just going with the flow and not thinking at all.

I reached the airport on time and the manager gave me and my friends an option to delay our tickets and get a 5 star accommodation and meals in Delhi on them along with 250 Pounds.

All we had to do was accept it and board the flight next day.

There was a lot of thinking and decision making to be done which seemed difficult to make as we couldn’t reach a consensus.

Then finally it was decided 2 will board the plane and 2 will stay.

I decided to go and when i checked i came to know i didn’t have the documents i had not taken my Uk invite letter and they asked me to get them by 11:30 and the time they told me to bring those documents was 11:10.

Clearly in 20 minutes considering the Delhi traffic jam seemed impossible so i asked them to put me on the volunteer policy and i would the other flight to london but due to number of people not turning up the program was off the table and i was screwed.

I can’t take the program neither can i board the flight because of the documents which i had not taken i never even thought to take them i don’t know why stupid mistake.

Hell broke in my mind as i kept thinking what to do and what can be done then a thought came upon me which i remembered someone telling me the officials don’t mind electronic document.

So i called my teacher asked to mail me the invite letter.

Almost out of balance 3g not working and t3 wifi i don’t know what it does was useless.

Somehow the 3g came through i got my document saved them on my phone and asked BA authorities whether that document would be fine.the last person to check in i gave my bags took the boarding pass and went straight to the immigration counter which had a long queue. Time 11:50 after 10 minutes my turn came i cleared it and went for the security check 12.

BA guy helped us speed through the queue in security check as the gate would be closing at 12:10.

Still it took us 10 minutes to clear the security and time 12:10 we could hear the announcement for BA flight which started calling out passengers name to board as soon as possible without further delay .