London First day


I woke up taking my time as i was not so keen on this trip and i had doubts about this journey.

I was clearly not ready for it.

i had done all my preparations and i don’t think there was anything i could do at the last moment.

Nothing came to my mind i was in a sort of numb state of mind just going with the flow and not thinking at all.

I reached the airport on time and the manager gave me and my friends an option to delay our tickets and get a 5 star accommodation and meals in Delhi on them along with 250 Pounds.

All we had to do was accept it and board the flight next day.

There was a lot of thinking and decision making to be done which seemed difficult to make as we couldn’t reach a consensus.

Then finally it was decided 2 will board the plane and 2 will stay.

I decided to go and when i checked i came to know i didn’t have the documents i had not taken my Uk invite letter and they asked me to get them by 11:30 and the time they told me to bring those documents was 11:10.

Clearly in 20 minutes considering the Delhi traffic jam seemed impossible so i asked them to put me on the volunteer policy and i would the other flight to london but due to number of people not turning up the program was off the table and i was screwed.

I can’t take the program neither can i board the flight because of the documents which i had not taken i never even thought to take them i don’t know why stupid mistake.

Hell broke in my mind as i kept thinking what to do and what can be done then a thought came upon me which i remembered someone telling me the officials don’t mind electronic document.

So i called my teacher asked to mail me the invite letter.

Almost out of balance 3g not working and t3 wifi i don’t know what it does was useless.

Somehow the 3g came through i got my document saved them on my phone and asked BA authorities whether that document would be fine.the last person to check in i gave my bags took the boarding pass and went straight to the immigration counter which had a long queue. Time 11:50 after 10 minutes my turn came i cleared it and went for the security check 12.

BA guy helped us speed through the queue in security check as the gate would be closing at 12:10.

Still it took us 10 minutes to clear the security and time 12:10 we could hear the announcement for BA flight which started calling out passengers name to board as soon as possible without further delay .

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