A Pipe of Tobacco


Who knew Smoking cigarettes could be conversation starter. Certainly people like me the ‘Non-Smokers’.

While siting outside on Leicester square the hub of london nightlife one sees different aspects of life of people there on that street.

Majority of the restaurants are almost full with locals, tourists and couples. The under 30s crowd goto nightclubs with local girls in their of night dress oblivious of Zero degree waiting outside in queue on the chilly night.

Guys in groups of all ages go to gentlemen’s club while many of the new unsure tourists and students are  preyed by brokers who can get you into any big club for a very big price and small club which are not good at all for a small price but they do get you in but totally worthless and they guy gets a hefty commission for bringing in the crowd to the struggling clubs.

One noticeable fact about the people of London they like to indulge their sweet tooth which could be seen long lines on Haagen-dazs and many of the exclusive Waffles sellers.

Amidst this crowd are people who are dancing and singing to earn a living attracting  large crowd and small. Some even keep performing even if no one notices them or they fail to attract a large crowd so that they could have just enough to get by. While there are women selling roses specifically to couples with loads of them around which helps them make a living by taking away their intimate moments with their loved ones .

I, in the middle of this crowded street smoking unexpectedly approached by a girl who asks me for a light and i gladly offer her one afterall i have a carton where i stay and i won’t be able to finish them all by myself and lighted up her cigarette she makes some small talk and runs off.

Then i got asked again for a light by a girl on London Bridge which wasn’t so crowded as it was almost midnight and tubes were about to close who was with friend of hers and we make a small talk where you from, what are the plans for later to my disappointment she said she was meeting her boyfriend. Are people interested me or am i an easy target to get a free light hmm maybe the latter one seems to be the right answer but i’ll never know maybe conversations like these end just the way a cigarette does.


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